Core Competency Plans

Full title: Of Corporate Core Competency Plans, Capitalistic Synergized Growth Projections and Lethal Target Market Analyses.

Felicia is determined to never let a single aspect of her life slip from her grasp and some stupid teleportation accident is not about to stop her. Winn is trying very hard not to die for reasons his master archmage Talmanael keeps forgetting. A small gem is gleefully waiting to be fed while stuck inside a six-sided prison.

Do any of these things have anything to do with each other? Did the author plan anything this time or is he just writing by the seat of his pants, as usual?

This story started out as a submission to the RoyalRoad Fifth Anniversary contest and NaNoWriMo 2018. It didn’t quiet fulfill the 50k word criterea that comes along with a NaNoWriMo entry, but it won 2nd place in the RoyalRoad contest! As can be seen here.

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