The Dao of Magic: Book III


A sea of savage beasts. An ancient order of mages. A looming cataclysm.

Now that Drew has become even more powerful by stepping into the Foundation Realm, new challenges await him. He is quietly growing his school and sect, and allowing his students to recruit whoever they want so he can take it easy. 

Trouble looms as his old mistakes come back to haunt him. The entire planet is about to be sent down a savage and unforgiving path, and it might be his fault. Monsters are popping up everywhere, packs of deadly animals led by terrible mutants. The worst part? They seem to be steered by some higher power, some nefarious being that holds the reins of the planet.

His students have turned from bright-eyed, eager learners… into lazy good-for-nothings. Whoops. It seemed he was tooinfluential in their development. Teach now has to spend large amounts of time crafting gear for all the new recruits, and the rising tensions are giving him a headache. 

Teach might just decide to end them all. He had a fresh start once… maybe he should try again?

Andries Louws

Andries (WeirdWhirl) Louws is an avid reader of fantasy, science fiction and pretty much everything interesting since a young age. He is still thankful to the nice ladies at the local library that let him check out all those violent action thrillers, epic fantasy books and encyclopaedias without enforcing age requirements.

He also studied multimedia design and computer science while devouring as many novels, audiobooks, and video games as he could get his hands on. He then started writing his own stories after reading one too many badly translated Chinese novels and hasn’t stopped since.

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